Android Game Booster Full Codes (Android Studio)


It is a template software that attracts attention by the gamers to speed up android device and has the potential to generate great income for its developer.

You can either place an advertisement on your application, or publish your application in the market for a price that is considered as a fee and earn money.

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General features

  • Clear RAM used by background apps by killing running apps.
  • Save battery for long time gaming and keep device cool
  • Monitor PING and Battery temperature
  • Easy integration of ads with ad template for Facebook Audience Network and Admob together.
  • Or make it paid app with ads free
  • Low .abb or .apk file size
  • Easy to reskin with vector drawables
  • Ask user for rating panel on 3.rd launch or customize it.
  • Lock app. if not installed from Google Play store to protect developer for violate ads services policies.
  • Minimal bug despite huge android device variety
  • 8 Language support


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